We tend to take people for granted, especially those in the hospitality industry. Those who deal with our food, drink, complaints and awful chat-up lines are almost saints for putting up with the general public. It may be woefully overdue but finally, they are being celebrated with their own festival!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend in August, 24th to the 27th 2018, PX+ Festival will have its debut at Duchess Farms in Hertfordshire to celebrate those who work in the hospitality industry. Created by a team of talented hospitality people who all share a love for the industry, the aim of the PX+ festival is to give back to those who spend their lives making amazing experiences for other people. The festival plans to give its guests a “creative playground” for the weekend, with talks and workshops by professional and celebrity guest speakers. Throughout the festival, the guests are “Personne eXtraordinaire”. The inaugural occurence of this revolutionary festival will certainly contain a feast for the eyes, ears, mouth and mind for the industry professionals.